Ink Beautiful

Certified PMU | Faux Freckles

Offering PMU services! I am a one chair, one operator in a private suite located at the Katy Depot on Main St. in Denison, Tx. I specialize in lip and brow services to include microblading, combo, powder, lip neutralizing and lip blushing. I enjoy color matching, mapping, and finding your perfect shape. I will offer brow and lip consultations and services by appointments only. Pre-care and aftercare provided during in person services and found online. When you book with me, I will analyze your shape, desired results, and discuss the specifics surrounding your pre-care and aftercare needs. Since your skin will share a story with me, I want to ensure your healed areas will have the best possible results tailored to you! As the owner of Ink Beautiful, it has been my mission to help women and men achieve beautiful results while providing a calm and relaxing atmosphere. began my journey in 2008 as a cosmetologist, and found that I prefer individualized services to enhance our features with a more natural look. I want people to fall in love with their natural beauty again and I have fully dedicated myself to helping others feel comfortable about the brow and lip service process.

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